John Britton is an exceptional theatre maker and teacher.  He has a lightness of touch and approach that is supported by an immense depth of experience and knowledge, a rare but perfect combination. His training is grounded in a directorial practice that is rich and complex with a pleasurable musicality and rhythm created by actors so at ease on stage. Many of my students have encountered John’s ensemble work in different ways and they always return to class enlivened, inspired, enthused and hungry for more. That desire speaks volumes and is recommendation enough. Seek him out wherever in the world he is and you won’t regret it.

Paul Allain

Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Kent; Canterbury, UK

Within a span of 8 days we had John Britton handling primary and middle school students as well as teacher trainees, and he came out smelling like the proverbial rose

After walking the adult participants through some of the defining elements of his understanding of the teaching-learning process, which Britton aptly summarised as ‘an encounter with the self (for both the teacher and the taught) without generating any feeling of inadequacy’, he led the teachers into a process of experiential discovery of the meaning of this through participatory performance exercises and games. Facilitating peer learning, meeting psychophysical challenges and all of this ‘encountered’ through a prism of fun – it was truly a delight to have Britton at the Teachers’ Festival.

We look forward to working with him again.

Damayanti Lahiri  

Modern Academy of Continuing Education; Kolkata, India 

As collaborators, we worked incredibly well. Through my doubts and frustrations, John maintained an unwavering vision, persistence and belief in our vision.  I am yet to find someone else that holds his honesty, hard work, complete lack of ego and the ability to make the impossible happen.

Since creating ‘Jerk’ in early 2014,  John has assisted Casus Circus with further directing of ‘Finding the Silence’ our newest ensemble creation. He has helped me personally to create the longevity in my career I desire, and as a human I care for him as family! 

I plan to work with him in the near and distant future.

Emma Serjeant

Co-Founder, Executive Director & Performer, Casus Circus; Brisbane, Australia

We at Balettakadmien are very much enjoying John’s way of engaging our students and teachers. His philosophy of Yes, Now and Possibility builds self-esteem and supports the individual. And of course – all his knowledge, experience and skill is very important to our education and the future of our students and their career as performers.

Jan Åström

Director, Balettakademien; Stockholm, Sweden

Working with John is like meeting your potential and caching up with it. I learned to value my work as an artist every day and in all I do. John has been and is a fountain of inspiration to me and myself with others.

Gabriele Wappel

schallundrauch agency, Vienna

Your work is a non-judgemental process of building extraordinary performance….

Kuljeet Singh

Atelier Theatre, Delhi

John has lots of hats.  He is an actor, director, writer, improviser, teacher and he looks  good in everyone of them.  But even more than this I appreciate his ability to inspire many, many people in art of creating theatre.

Al Wunder

Pioneering teacher of Movement Improvisation; Melbourne, Australia

I have grown as a human being, as an artist, thanks to John’s very precise understanding of and love for human beings’ nature, and I am able to pass it on to other people and make it available for them in their lives.

John’s work is so precious for an art –  and joyful development of the individual and the ensemble, thus for society. What a gift having met John as a teacher, as a performer!

Susie Wimmer

‘Society of the Unforseen’, ‘Spielbank 009’, ‘KlinikClowns, Bavaria’ & ‘Clowns Without Borders, Germany’;  Munich, Germany.


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