Welcome to the site. Here you will find an introduction to ‘Self-With-Others’.

‘Self-With-Others’ (SWO) is a psychophysical approach to training performers within ensemble. It is based on a simple, rigorous suite of interconnected principles, combining fixed exercises with structured and unstructured improvisation.

‘Self-With-Others’ is a practical and precise approach to training anyone who uses their body to communicate – which of course includes all of us, performer and non-performer. It is used regularly to train actors, dancers, circus performers, musicians, improvisors, clowns, teachers, inter-disciplinary artists and others, at every level from beginner to elite and at every age, from emerging to senior artist.

‘Self-With-Others’ is the result of the practical work and experience of its creator, John Britton. He has been developing SWO through his work as actor, dancer, physical practitioner, improvisor, director, writer, academic and teacher since graduating from a Masters Degree in the UK in 1988.

Though Britton sometimes publishes and lectures on SWO, the heart of the work is practical and experiential. Britton teaches extensively around the world – inside and outside of institutions – running workshops, residences and The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre. Increasingly those who have been trained by him are using elements of SWO in their own teaching.

Consequently, SWO continues to evolve. Some of the papers in the ‘Research Paper’ area of this site are several years old and SWO has evolved since they were first written. They remain on the site to help those interested in tracing the development of SWO over time.

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